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About me

Hi everyone,

My name is Diana, I am 20 years old, I am a student, born and raised in București, România and I am very passionated about reading. I read everything, anytime, anywhere and I love to do that. That’s why I thought it was a great idea to start doing reviews  about the books I read, so I can share my passion with other people. On my blog you will find reviews about books, shows, movies and even tags.

But most of all I want to find people as passionate of books as I am and I want to talk with you guys, I want your opinion, I want to know what you like, what you would like to see and I want to read togheter and I will tell you my honest opinion (forever, I promise) in my reviews and I want to know your opinions in the comments.

Now that we made that clear, I wanted to do a book tagg for you, so you can know me better. If you want to, I will love to know your answers, too.


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I am waiting for your suggestions and your questions/

Vă aștept sugestiile și întrebările.